Taste Sardinian fine Food at Agriturismo Canu...

Ontdek culinair Sardinië. Welke (streek)gerechten eet je wààr? Recepten gezocht/gevonden? Goede of slechte ervaringen bij een restaurant? Laat deze rubriek uitgroeien tot een culinaire wiki.
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Taste Sardinian fine Food at Agriturismo Canu...

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At Agriturismo Canu you can taste all evening the special dishes of Sardinian, Italian and Barbaricinian cuisine.

Our main house, an over 200 years old, typical sardinian Stazzu (Farmhouse), gives the ideal place for the dinner with a rustical sardinian ambient.

The Dining Room, with a huge fireplace in it, serves as lounge and breakfast room and also as restaurant and it is opened all evening.
The ambience is rustic: Handmade baskets, dried flowers, vases, bowls and many ancient everyday objects of the Sardinian countryside adorn the walls.

Our kitchen
Our Chef Marco prepares nightly for the guests delicious meals from the Mediterranean and Sardinian cuisine.

Antonello - The landlord is responsible for the preparation of grilled specialties in the "Pinneta", the grill house which is located directly in front of the restaurant.
In this typical Sardinian BBQ-Fireplace are cooked all meats over an open fire with all kinds of fragrant wood from the Sardinian vegetation (juniper and strawberry tree).
Our grilled Lamb and suckling pig, the house specialties - attracts Agriturismo Canu since many years even the elite guests from Costa Smeralda.

La Pinneta: In the ancient times, the Sardinian shepherds were in the summer with the cattles in the mountains, the Pinneta was for long lonely months, the living center of the shepherds. Here was accustomed to sleeping and cooking. At Agriturismo Canu - we have reproduced the Pinneta - which is now our BBQ-grill house for our meat specialties, such as the Sardinian suckling pig or roasted lamb.

Own production at Agriturismo Canu - from the land on the table
We are one of the few Farms in the Gallura, which serves almost 100% of the food produced at our farm.

Trattoria Agrituristica Canu
External guests at the Trattoria Agrituristica Farm & taste the specialties of the house. You can select the menu of the day's we will put online the week of March or the typical Sardinian menu.

Menu of the day - changes daily -
consist of three to four courses
Adapted to the seasons we offer different starters (appetizers), Primi, Secondi and Dessert.
Fixed price: 25, - Euro per person

or the typical Sardinian menu - Cena Sarda: various appetizers (salami and antipasti), Primi (gnocchi, ravioli and soup Gallurese) Sardinian suckling pig or lamb - grilled in the Pinneta over an open fire, desserts (Dolci or Sebadas from Fonni).
Fixed price: 35, - Euro per person

In all the menus are included the table drinks such as water, house wine (red - Cannonau, White - Vermentino), coffee and the obligatory "last drink" - housemade liquors from Mirto Tree, Lemon or sardinian herbs.

More see www.agriturismocanu.com
Reservations - to 0039/331 584 6991

The menus are produced from our own farm products. To allow sufficient time for preparation, please contact us one day before.

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